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Since I invited you on this journey with me, I figured that I may as well start from the heart and be real with you.


I really do (okay, 97% of the time I do. The other 3% is reserved for when I can’t get my eyeliner exactly even or when I cry during a chick flick).

Being a woman is a very empowering thing, yet so many find it is as a barrier to hide behind. I love that our culture is starting to embrace women at the forefront; from Michelle Obama to Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres. Women are becoming a booming voice in the cultural dialogue and it is something to keep our ears tuned to. The female presence is strong in almost all aspects of music, fashion, politics, etc. I really admire that. These women did not get to their coveted positions without first being confident in their own skin. We ought to wake up every morning and confidently tell ourselves, “I am a beautiful woman and I am a powerful force to be reckoned with.” We ought to look into the mirror and embrace every curve, stretch mark, and scar that is forever a part of our bodies. Being a woman is a beautiful gift to be given, not a curse to feel victimized by. We were granted these bodies and when we start to realize the beauty in that is when we start to embrace our potential.

I can finally say that at 21 years of age, I am on a daily journey to embrace that. I love all 160 pounds of my 5 foot, 8 inch frame.But I, like many women, couldn’t always say that was true. Don’t worry; I’m not going to drag you through my bout of self-esteem issues as a 17 year old high school girl, because we have all heard the stories a thousand times. I had to honestly take a good look in the mirror (by now, you have learned that I look in the mirror frequently, which I encourage everyone to do so often) and decide to accept myself for the curvy gal I am, and be proud. For me, being confident in my exterior shell gave me the freedom to feel like my interior self could be more accurately and openly expressed. Once I finally felt like I could express myself through my outward appearance, the journey began. I got to ditch my American Eagle filled wardrobe and embark into a closet filled with leather pants, velvet dresses, wacky prints and fur coats. Which, to be honest, makes getting dressed A LOT more fun.


Here’s a few #transformation(almost)tuesday pictures circa 2006/2007.


My wardrobe choices nowadays are guided by risk, creativity, fearlessness and the color black. I never thought I would have the confidence to dress the way I do now, but boy, am I glad I had the courage to give it a try. What’s your driving force in your everyday wardrobe?


See what a little confidence can do? Keep reading, and I’ll let everybody in on some of my favorite fashion inspirations and what the hell goes through my head when I start getting ready for the day!



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