Life has been consisting of a lot of girly things lately, and I could not be happier; I have been putting in a lot of hours at Posh Boutique & Smart Bomb Beauty Lounge, spending time writing and planning future posts (which I know you’re all going to be excited about),and  I have started doing makeovers on a semi-regular basis, etc. It has been a total blast getting to do so many things that I love all at once! Since one of those things is doing makeup, I have got to keep my beauty game in check! I’ve been getting in the groove of putting myself together most days and I owe it all to some kick ass products I’ve been using.

Here’s 5 everyday beauty products that have been giving me serious life lately:


1. Ardell Lashes “Wispies”

These eyelashes impact me in a positive way on a daily basis (okay, that’s a little bit dramatic, but they kind of do). I have some issues with my eyelashes. They are blonde (opposite of my actual hair color), short, and they really don’t curl all too well either. Oh, and I ripped half of them out on my left eye with an eyelash curler while driving one time. Beauty is pain right? Anyways, these lashes really are the bomb.com. I get mine at Kroger for $2.87 and I usually try to buy multiple pairs to keep stocked up on.


2. Platinum Blonde Shampoo, Paul Mitchell

About 9 weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge into the blonde realm at the skilled hand of Kristina Shwann (I’m planning to feature her in a style post sometime down the road, she’s absolutely wonderful). Since the first dip, I’m on my way to being platinum, and this shampoo is helping me along beautifully. It is a vibrant purple shampoo to keep away the brassiness and send me packing to platinum planet. Eek, is the blonder the better really true? It costs about $20 at your local salon.


3. Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Rosey Nude, Sonia Kashuk

I found this fabulous lippy  the other day, and I couldn’t be happier with it! There is a pretty wide range of all different types of nudes, from Pinky Nude (which I got) to Poppy Nude. They go on super smooth and don’t have that overly dry matte feel like some do. The color is perfect for a lazy day, or even for a glam day with a smokey eye. And BONUS! It’s only $7.59 at Target.


4. Silicone Eyeliner Brush, Real Techniques

Achieving a Cat Eye Liner is no easy trick, and it takes quite an amount of practice. I am one of those that has put in some serious hours trying out countless eyeliner pencils, liquid eye liner sticks, and brush on gel liners. Finding this brush brought an end to that search. I now use the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in black (I’m indifferent about it, any suggestions on a new smooth gel liner?) and a MAC Paint Pot in Rich Ground as my go-to gel liners, but this brush has made all of the difference. I can achieve the thinnest to the thickest cat eye depending on which part of the brush I apply pressure to. Overall, this brush has made my #cateyelinergamestrong. I owe it all to Kroger for $5.99, thanks!


5. Bombshell Elixir, Smart Bomb Cosmetics

I know that I just did a post about my Smart Bomb favorites, but I have to owe it to this elixir to made the top of two of my lists. I look forward to the morning when I get to lather up in my maple syrup smelling moisturizer and take on the day. I can’t believe how smooth my skin feels, and my oil production has really been balancing out lately. Stay tuned, I’m going to be posting a Promo Code for a FREE Limited Edition Eyeshadow Duo from SmartBombCosmetics.com with the purchase of either a Bombshell Elixir or SmartElixir ($32). You guys really need to try this stuff out, it will change your life!


With all this getting ready I’ve been doing, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And if I’m in the mirror primping, chances are I have some music blaring in the background. Here’s been my summer playlist for jamming out in the bathroom, by the pool, and with the windows down (CAUTION: This playlist can cause you to get a little too excited while doing your cat eye liner and end up with wings big enough to make you fly)


1. Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey

2. Chandelier (Four Tet Remix) – Sia

3. Heartbreak Dream (MS MR Remix) – Betty Who

4. Double Bubble Trouble – M.I.A. & The Partysquad

5. Boss Ass Bitch (Remix) – Nicki Minaj feat. PTAF

6. Lady Killers – G-Eazy feat. Hoodie Allen

7. 0 to 100 – Drake

8. West Coast – Lana Del Rey

9. Pay For You – Skizzy Mars feat. G-Eazy

10. Are You That Somebody (Aaliyah Cover) – BANKS.

11. Canna Butter Kisses – Elli Ingram

12. XXX 88 – MO feat. Diplo

13. No Rest For The Wicked (Remix) – Lykke Li feat. A$AP Rocky

14. ***Flawless – Beyonce

15. Lady Patra – Iggy Azalea

16. Girls, Girls, Girls (Urban Noize Remix) – Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey

17. Rooftops – Luke Christopher feat. Asher Roth







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