bombshell epidermis.

BqYei1ZCQAE3x_I Products pictured from left to right: “Make Me Blush” in Golden Apricot, “Smart Attack” Acne Treatment, AHA Toner, “Secret Agent” Tinted Moisturizer in Light/Medium, BombShell Elixir, “Sweet Talk” Creme Lipstick in Sunset Beach and Posh, “Smart to Finish” HD Finishing Powder w/ SPF, Lipgloss/Stain in Radiant Orchid, and SmartBomb Blush Brush.  

I’m just going to give you guys a heads up about this post, it’s a total shameless plug and a fabulous one at that.   

I have been so excited to do a post about this (most of you probably couldn’t care less). Skincare is very important to me. It’s difficult to be a successful makeup artist and not be trained to take care of the skin underneath. I once upon time was a Clinique girl, but I have officially fallen in love with my skincare routine from SmartBomb Cosmetics. It has quickly made a change in not only my skin but also my mindset. I have become wary about the products I’m putting on my skin on a daily basis.  I have never been one to be concerned with the origination of so many products that I use, from foundation to frozen pizza (I REALLY love pizza). For those of you that know me outside the internet, or maybe those of you who keep up with me on my Instagram (@sassykassi11) know that I have a special place in my heart for leather shoes and fur coats. So when Miss Laura told me that all of her skincare products were formulated with all 100% organic ingredients, I was a little wary as the natural life is not typically the life for me. Her products are also completely vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free.

While I have switched into almost the full line of skincare, here’s some of my favorites:

1. Bombshell Elixir This is one of the most unique products I have ever used. Never did I think that day would come when I would be using oil as a moisturizer, but I can’t go a day without it now! It has a unique formula of Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Tamanu Oil that really helps to actually balance out my oil production through the day. I use it as my moisturizer just in the morning, then go on to alternate between the AHA Night Cream and the Vitamin C Night Cream.

2. Smart Attack Serum This stuff is the shit. Flat out. It has a combination of Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosewood, Bergamot, and other essential oils. During the day, I use it as a spot treatment on areas that are already broke out or are breakout prone. At night, I use a thin layer over almost all of my face. I have noticed the biggest difference in my overall skin quality, as it not only works to rid breakouts faster, but they are not as severe. By far my favorite product!

3. “Get Out” Pore Scrub Coconut Oil to the rescue (yet again).  This Coconut Oil based scrub, used once a week, is a miracle worker. It works to get all that dead gunk deep down in the pores to bring it to a head over night. Just scrub on, wear it like a masque for 20-30 minutes, then use a sponge to wipe off and massage into the skin. Not only does it get rid of all the junk, it also works to nourish the skin overnight as well. Bravo, coconut oil!  

What’s super cool about this line, is that as much as you read about it, it won’t change your skin until you try it! It’s something truly amazing and my skin couldn’t be thanking me any more! Go visit and read about her products, and we’ll send you customized free samples so you can try it all out on your own! Also, this week, I got the be the lucky gal on the bomb squad who recorded our first Youtube Channel tutorial video! I give just an overall guide to our products and how to get the Smart Bomb glow. So go check it out! It’s a little rough and it’s made me realize how weird my voice sounds. Does anybody else hate how they sound on camera? Anybody have any tips for regulating your on-camera voice?   Go watch the video, and let me know what you think 🙂  



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