“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The time old question that every single one of us has been asked on numerous occasions growing up. As a kid, it seems as it may be the most important question that we ever have to answer.

I can remember always boldly replying,”I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up.”

Well, here I am, grown up (I think so anyways?) not knowing how to exactly reply to that question. I thought by the time I reached 21 that I’d know exactly what I wanted to be, but I don’t. But one thing I do know is true, my love for fashion has never faded. And while I may not want to be a designer, I know that my “passion for fashion” is about to take me on an unexpected journey through lipstick jungle and kick me out somewhere along the interstate of stilettos.

I am living back in my hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, and while I know that it is nowhere near the fashion capitol of the world, I know that I can bring some seriously sassy attitude and fierce style to a town donned in pink camouflage and mom jeans. Who says you have to fit in with the locals anyway? I’m currently working as a sales associate at Posh Beauty Boutique & makeup artist at Smart Bomb Cosmetics Beauty Lounge and cannot wait to see the opportunities and experience this job will bring me. So, what better way to document my journey than through some sort of eclectic beauty & style blog? Stay tuned, y’all! I’m planning to keep my millions of readers (maybe, one day) updated on all my current beauty obsessions, from cat eye liner to ombre lips, my daily style obscenities and the soundtrack that keeps it all going.






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